Friday, August 8, 2008

Full of Pizza

More on my trip: I have to say I am having a hard time transitioning home after being away for so long. I feel snappity and lost. Oh well. Hope I get into the swing of things soon.
These interior shots(scroll down to the end) were taken at ABC Carpet and Furniture. What an oogleful. The kid's department was magical. Riley enjoyed hanging out on a very expensive sofa on the second floor while I toured around.
We went to many other stores and ate a wonderful variety of foods, especially pizza, pizza, pizza. We went to touristy Lorenzo's Pizza and it was actually very good. Riley was a bit disappointed because he let me talk him into a white pizza instead of the usual. Then we were both surprised when the bill came and our waitress said, "Sorry we don't take credit cards." I was a bit shocked since I only had a ten dollar bill (tourist pizza isn't cheap). Riley was able to scrape together 9 dollars but still we didn't have enough. I had no idea what to do. Luckily Julia, the waitress, said not to worry about it. I felt bad and returned the next day with the money owed. I still can't believe a tourist place with expensive pies doesn't take credit cards. 
The next day I saw my friend Laura who I hadn't seen in probably 20 years or so. She lives in Hawaii now, but we were friends in NYC and Ithaca, NY. She was my very best friend in high school and she still cracks me up. It was like old times seeing her again and Riley enjoyed meeting her and finding out about my teen years. He is very proud to be a Virgo after talking to her about astrology. Laura wanted to take me to this place for the best cannolis (but then I found out I don't really like cannolis). Later we ate at our favorite Ray's Pizza and enjoyed a wonderful Magnolia's cupcake in cupcake park. It was sad to say good-bye.
Next time I have an apron tale to tell. Visit soon.

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