Friday, August 15, 2008

Bagel a go-go

Well guys, not enough posts for Riley in an apron but here he is at the bagelfest at Anne's house in VT.  Anne had to make 100 bagels for the farmer's market and we helped. I have to say Riley's bagel skills were much better than mine. We had many issues in the kitchen, but that worked out well since there were more family bagels for us to eat. We even had some power outage bagels. It was a lot of work(for Anne) and many pans to wash but really fun.  Anne has a bagel fan club and she might ship you a dozen for a fee. I can't wait until  Riley bakes and boils a batch at home. 

Ruby, here you are during bagel making time. Theo wasn't into making bagels (he prefers to eat them) and Ella was cooking up some snazzy macaroons. The best part of her product (besides the taste) was you could chose between two sizes- bite size or a mouthful!
We had a great time at Anne's house. One day I woke up and went downstairs to find a chicken walking in the house. She didn't get too far but it was quite a sight. We also had the best maple soft ice cream in the world. So mapley.
Anne didn't want me to leave without a product to take home so she made me an adorable needle felted cupcake. (No picture taken yet) and I  learned how to needle felt. I created two rabbit ears with no rabbit. 
After Anne's house we drove down to Joy's house in Brattleboro, VT.  I talked Joy into teaching me how to make a peach pie. It was pretty easy. I took a nice picture of her holding the pie, but am not sure if she wanted to be put on my blog for all to see. It's a cute picture so I'll ask her.

After Joy's it was pretty much time to head back to South Carolina. We stopped at some places I would never go to like Aunt Sarah's Pancake House, Friendly's, and J &R (could there be a worse place to stop.. Riley?). It was good to get home although for some reason all the pictures have disappeared off the bookcase... hmm.
This is a busy week (past and future). School starts Tuesday at my new school so I have to get into my Art teacher mode deluxe.

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