Saturday, August 23, 2008

Full of School

Hi Friends,
Here's an art page journal for you to admire (hee hee). I like all the pinks in it. I must admit it is a bit old. I am actually working on a page, but it isn't finished because I have been busy busy. School started this past week. The class sizes are much larger but the kids are great. They actually like art. Next week is self portraits (my favorite) and after that we will start  art studio centers. I am sure I  will see some neat stuff. One student asked me if a painting reproduction of Frida Kahlo was a self portrait of me. (I'm not sure if he meant that as a compliment) and one boy called me Mrs. Dissapiro which I thought rather clever.
I made this little book in my second official "scrapbook" class ever taken. It was designed by Debby Schuh, a super nice teacher. The inside pages have lots of pockets, birds, envelopes and other cool stuff. I really like the way it came out- plus I actually finished it.

Ooh Artfest classes have come out. Tell me if you are going and what you hope to take. Friday is the best day of classes in my opinion. Can't wait for April.
Okay the brownies I begged for are almost ready so I better grab one while they are still hot.
Hope you had a great weekend..

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bagel a go-go

Well guys, not enough posts for Riley in an apron but here he is at the bagelfest at Anne's house in VT.  Anne had to make 100 bagels for the farmer's market and we helped. I have to say Riley's bagel skills were much better than mine. We had many issues in the kitchen, but that worked out well since there were more family bagels for us to eat. We even had some power outage bagels. It was a lot of work(for Anne) and many pans to wash but really fun.  Anne has a bagel fan club and she might ship you a dozen for a fee. I can't wait until  Riley bakes and boils a batch at home. 

Ruby, here you are during bagel making time. Theo wasn't into making bagels (he prefers to eat them) and Ella was cooking up some snazzy macaroons. The best part of her product (besides the taste) was you could chose between two sizes- bite size or a mouthful!
We had a great time at Anne's house. One day I woke up and went downstairs to find a chicken walking in the house. She didn't get too far but it was quite a sight. We also had the best maple soft ice cream in the world. So mapley.
Anne didn't want me to leave without a product to take home so she made me an adorable needle felted cupcake. (No picture taken yet) and I  learned how to needle felt. I created two rabbit ears with no rabbit. 
After Anne's house we drove down to Joy's house in Brattleboro, VT.  I talked Joy into teaching me how to make a peach pie. It was pretty easy. I took a nice picture of her holding the pie, but am not sure if she wanted to be put on my blog for all to see. It's a cute picture so I'll ask her.

After Joy's it was pretty much time to head back to South Carolina. We stopped at some places I would never go to like Aunt Sarah's Pancake House, Friendly's, and J &R (could there be a worse place to stop.. Riley?). It was good to get home although for some reason all the pictures have disappeared off the bookcase... hmm.
This is a busy week (past and future). School starts Tuesday at my new school so I have to get into my Art teacher mode deluxe.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A House Full of Aprons

Riley and I went to visit my friend Jennifer in Connecticut on the way to Vermont and look what she gifted me with. Aren't these the best aprons? and they have pockets, and did I mention mine is mostly pink?  and they use Jennifer's beautiful fabric and old textile fabric sewn together for a look no gal can do without? Jennifer you are more than generous. 
She even made her son go out and buy a zillion doughnut holes for Riley. And the dog George that I showed a picture of two posts ago is her most excellent dog. I miss you Jennifer and George. Hope you enjoyed Paris.
Oh Riley also modeled an apron of Jennifer's fabric design. Maybe if I can gather 6 posts requesting a look at the apron he'll let me post it.
Forgot to mention... Kelly K you are the winner of the NY give away. One day your prize will arrive... one day soon.
Next up will be Vermont Highlights... Did someone say maple syrup?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Full of Pizza

More on my trip: I have to say I am having a hard time transitioning home after being away for so long. I feel snappity and lost. Oh well. Hope I get into the swing of things soon.
These interior shots(scroll down to the end) were taken at ABC Carpet and Furniture. What an oogleful. The kid's department was magical. Riley enjoyed hanging out on a very expensive sofa on the second floor while I toured around.
We went to many other stores and ate a wonderful variety of foods, especially pizza, pizza, pizza. We went to touristy Lorenzo's Pizza and it was actually very good. Riley was a bit disappointed because he let me talk him into a white pizza instead of the usual. Then we were both surprised when the bill came and our waitress said, "Sorry we don't take credit cards." I was a bit shocked since I only had a ten dollar bill (tourist pizza isn't cheap). Riley was able to scrape together 9 dollars but still we didn't have enough. I had no idea what to do. Luckily Julia, the waitress, said not to worry about it. I felt bad and returned the next day with the money owed. I still can't believe a tourist place with expensive pies doesn't take credit cards. 
The next day I saw my friend Laura who I hadn't seen in probably 20 years or so. She lives in Hawaii now, but we were friends in NYC and Ithaca, NY. She was my very best friend in high school and she still cracks me up. It was like old times seeing her again and Riley enjoyed meeting her and finding out about my teen years. He is very proud to be a Virgo after talking to her about astrology. Laura wanted to take me to this place for the best cannolis (but then I found out I don't really like cannolis). Later we ate at our favorite Ray's Pizza and enjoyed a wonderful Magnolia's cupcake in cupcake park. It was sad to say good-bye.
Next time I have an apron tale to tell. Visit soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Full of Tails

I'm back from a very long trip. I have missed not blogging and am glad to be back. Our trip started with a stop at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a great museum .  There was  a wonderful show about religion. The artists were so refreshing. I saw hugh paper mache figures, journal like pages, fabric arts, paintings an d other wonderful uses of mixed media. I wish I would have been allowed to take some photos of the pieces. Here's Riley posing in the outdoor sculpture park.

After this we headed 
up to NY. More on the trip as I get more organized and unpacked.
Each place we stayed had either a dog, cat or both. It is strange to be back in my petless home. I only have a picture of George. He is a sweetheart of a dog- a laberdoodle at the top of this entry. We also met Madeliene the dog who begged for a friend, Jake the dishwasher dog, and Spencer the pasta eater.
Tomorrow I will write about the NYC part of the trip then about Vermont, family bagels and peach pie.