Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Kino-buy-it-all Story

Get the complete report here. I thought it would be a great blog/photo opportunity to have my friend Lloyda photograph me with all the books I wanted at Kino-buy-it-all so I got ready to pose. Lloyda kept fussing about the background, but I said I liked the background. Then when she was just about to take the photo, this salesperson comes running up saying "No photos, No photos!" I was flabbergasted. I said it was only of me and not about the store. She still said no but I was having a hard time understanding why. She asked me if I was buying the books. I said yes and then she said, "Okay, but hurry up."  So my friends,  you are looking at an undercover picture taken at Kino-buy-it-all. Probably the only one you will ever seen. It was taken by agent 784. (Kino-buy-it-all is my nickname for the Japanese bookstore)

One last thing about my trip. Those of you who have known me for awhile and my going away adventures know that I am often welcomed with a new or missing item in my house. One year I was quite sure I would come home to a pet pig. Well this year I came home to a new sofa. (no comment)

I am deciding if maybe I should change my blog to the daily doormat stories of a mom with a teenage  daughter. Does anyone know of a support group? How can someone once so sweet and fun change so quickly? It is not fun.
Have a great Monday (and Tuesday..)

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Kelly Kilmer said...

I like the secret agents in the background who are posing as customers.