Friday, July 25, 2008

Full of Words

I love seeing cool store displays. Here are two of my favorites. The first one was taken at a great store in Seattle called Maxine's. They have a variety of great stuff and it's all decorated so beautifully.
This window is from a beautiful display in Berkeley at a store called Molly Bs. I think it is so creative. I have loved Eloise since childhood so it was extra fun to see the window. This store sells some very beautiful clothes for women. 

My East Coast travels have been fun. There was some terrific art at the American Visionary Art Museum in Maryland.  NYC was very hot but we saw some sights even I had never seen before and we went to Kino-buy-it-all twice. There was a pizza eating fest and a lot of walking.

En route to Vermont I encountered a gift of the most beautiful apron(with pockets!) that I will show you when I am able to upload my pictures (is that the right word?) Riley has been enthralled with Ping Pong and even I am getting better at it. Chloe reports from home that the only things to eat are soy milk, bad water and condiments(mostly salad dressing). I do hope she is exaggerating. 
Hope you are all enjoying some summer time. Please leave me a post and tell me how your summer is going. Until....

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