Monday, July 14, 2008

Full of Self-Pity

A sad morning for me. I once owned two of these watches when I lived in California (not as a child). When I lost  my first one I  was so upset. A few months later I walked into this Rexell Drugstore in Union Square, downtown SF and there was another in the case (probably there for years) waiting for me. I had it awhile, but alas one day it slipped off my wrist. I had been thinking about it for a long time and decided to check on Ebay. There was one just waiting for me, but someone outbid me in the last seconds. I am sure they didn't even want the watch as much as I did but such is life, I guess. DRATS I say just as Lucy would. She is my alter ego so I found it fitting to be wearing her on my wrist. Not sure I will try again. Ebay is not for me. I have to find a BIN that isn't fifty dollars. I wouldn't mind paying 50 if I knew it would work awhile, but these watches are old. Okay I'm sure that's more than enough  about the watch.
Other stuff...mostly working in my classroom. 
Started my paper mache girl but had to go home early from Ellen's because the "children" were playing the Locked in the Closet game. (Note: there is no lock on the closet)
Getting ready to go to NYC, I  think. Please suggest places I can't miss while I  am there. Little stores that have cool stuff, yummy food....
I'll put some art stuff up before I leave. Must go continue to wallow in my sorrow(kidding).

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