Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Full of Pizza(soon)

Leaving again. Tomorrow Riley and I will be on the road. First stop is NYC (with maybe a small stop at IKEA).  NY will be fun. I am meeting my old best friend from before high school, Laura. She lives in Hawaii now and I  have not seen her in over 17 years, but she is always fun. Also some shopping will occur. Can't resist Kino-buy-it-all even though I was just there in SF. Lots of places on my list and pizza eating too. 

After NY we may go to VT with a stop to see sweet Jennifer P. in Ct but just for a sec because the gal is going to PARIS soon with her sister, daughter and more.
My friend Joy in VT told me she  found a new place for yummy coffee/mocha drinks. I can't wait to try them and maple soft-serve.

This strange picture is the beginning of my paper mache doll that I started at Ellen's house. I am going to bring it with me to my friend Anne's house so if we have project time we can work on her and others. Of course I want a whole rabbit family. Anne is selling her homemade bagels and chocolate croissants at the farmer's market. I sure don't want to miss that.

Guess what- I'm having another give away. This one is to win something I bring back from my trip. Tell me if you have been to NY and if so what your favorite part is. If you haven't been, tell me what you would want to do as soon as you got there.
 Be good while I am gone. Not sure if I will be posting or not. I'll have to see how it goes. Enjoy summer.


Kelly Kilmer said...

I have been to NY city a couple of times...there are loads of places there I would love to go to:
Kino buy it all
Kate's Paperie
Ink Pad
all the stores that have been on Andrew (urbanpaperarts) and Anahata Katkin's blogs.
One of my fave places (to take pictures) is Sleepy Hollow cemetary in Tarrytown, NY
My in laws live in Dutchess County.
Safe travels and have FUN!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Forgot to say, don't leave your wallet at Kino buy it all.