Friday, July 4, 2008

Full of New Books

This is the what I got blog entry. It's kind of out of order but Riley, master photo re-organizer, is still asleep.
These bunny pictures are especially for Kelly who seems to be feeling the nostalgia. They are from a Japanese clip art type book with about 150  bunny images 4x6 size. It was hard to pick just two pages to photo.

Next is a picture of the other books I bought at Kino-buy-it all. That store is something else. I can't even read Japanese and I still want them all. One looks real neat with "romantic" drawings and graphics that are also on a CD. Very curious to see if I can work them with my non-existent knowledge of Japanese. Maybe I should try Rosetta. 

These sweet pictures are from a book I found called Learning to Cook and Serve Our Meals. Many great pictures and funny sentences.

And last, here are my journal pages after the trip. I even added a ribbon headband to my hair that I bought at Scrapbook Territory. Sorry the pictures aren't so great. I  guess I should scan them next time. 

Funny story coming up next time about Kino-buy-it-all, but first I have to alter my face on the photo that goes with the story.
In other news before I forget, you lucky west coasters: There is a zine fest in SF July 19-20. Wish I could be there. Well until the next time. have a good one or two.


Kelly Kilmer said...

oooh, you got books i don't have...

Ruby said...

nice books, and bunnies. good luck trying japanese, i hear its hard.