Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In View

Hey, don't I look adorable? This portrait of me was done by a second grader. I love it. He even captured the drab orange/brown apron I wear everyday with my ID badge clipped to the pocket. (More about aprons later...)
Packing up the old classroom. What a chore. Imagine an art teacher (umm an art teacher that can't throw much away) having to move out of a classroom or studio.  That's what I am up against and racing to finish. Tomorrow is my hopefull deadline and then hello summer. It's been hot here and 95 degrees  tomorrow. 

Art news? hmmm... Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sew Somerset. It is probably at your local places but not mine. I'm betting it has to be there now. I think sewing must be one of my favorites. I love fabrics and how sewing on anything can just make it so sew much more. Confession: I am a fabric hoarder. A terrible habit I am trying to break. 
About aprons. I have a beautiful one without any pockets. Why on earth would an apron be made without pockets. That's my challenge. Adding pockets to the apron that don't ruin the look. It's tiered and ruffled. If  you want to see a picture of it let me know. 
Okay time to say good-bye. Thanks for visiting.


Renee said...

yes you are adorable - I see real talent in this second grade student! bring on a photo of your apron undoubtedly someone will have a good idea for adding a pocket! No Sew Somerset in AZ yet!

Kelly Kilmer said...

What a cute picture!!!

Yes, we'd love to see pictures of your aprons!!!