Saturday, June 14, 2008

Full of Crush

Oh boy rather oh Jamie I have a crush on you. Today I was watching Jamie Oliver on the tele. He was in his garden and I have to say I now have a deep crush on him. The accent (poosta) , the phrases, the recipes, the way he cooks, the countryside. He had me after he mashed up the peas and mint, put it on some yummy toast and then, then the icing on the cupcake: he broke up a piece of fresh mozzarella with his bare hands and put the torn pieces of cheese on top of the bread and pea, broad bean mash. Fresh mozzarella is my claim to weakness. Last summer I went to Massachusetts to learn how to make my own(but it wasn't quite the same as the kind Jamie had). I am head over heels. I have figured out the only way to meet the guy is to send Riley to his BB cooking school.  Riley would fit in well and maybe put in a good word or two for me. Oh and to top it off one of his daughter's is named Daisy. I love that name.
So that's about the excitement here.
Yeah someone get me involved in a project quick before I am sending mozzarella ATC cards to my crush-a -baby.

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