Saturday, June 7, 2008

Apron Tales

Okay here's the apron of my dreams without any pockets. So where is a gal to add pockets to this beauty? What's an apron without pockets?
How did you find such a beautiful apron you ask? Ah well let me tell you...
I was on my way to Art Unraveled in AZ on the shuttle van when I spotted this cool looking store out of no where called Paris Envy. OOh I knew I had to get there. As soon as I arrived at the hotel I started asking people if they had heard of Paris Envy and even people from Phoenix thought I was nuts (Meaning no they hadn't heard of it nor did they care to find out more). Finally someone knew where it was and I spent 4 days begging people and whining about how I just had to get there. Kelly said she would try to give me a ride there, but she got too busy with classes so I was on my own to find a way to get there. Sad thing is I never did, BUT the last day of class was a class with Kelly K. In walks Roben-Marie with the cutest apron. I asked her right away where she got it and guess where? Yup Paris Envy. She had gone there the day before(A day I might mention I had no classes to attend) so I called  the store to order a different patterned one(hers was the last one of it's pattern) and it arrived to SC in the mail. I love it, except you know what...
And here's the book I made in Kelly's class named after my week long obsession.

This cute apron I also got at Art Unraveled at the vendor show for $2.50 and it even has pockets. One shown and one secret one inside. 

And this here is my standard ugly brown apron I wear for domestic duties at home. It has a roomy pocket.

I still have two other aprons to show you. You may think  I have a thing for aprons, but not really. I didn't even peek at the 25 Cool Aprons book at the store. I guess I should.
Well I think it might be time to wash the aprons. Hope you are having a great weekend.


Kelly Kilmer said...

LOVE the aprons!!!!!!

I know, i'm a bad bad girl too busy running around like a nut teaching ;) to take you to paris envy...i do apologize!! You should come to AU this year maybe then I'll take ya to P.E.!

marilyn werst said...

I LOVE the apron. Wish you were coming to AU this year. I hope to get to Paris Envy but it won't be the same without you.

Evoke-Designs by Lorraine said...

Love the aprons! I forgot all about Paris Envy and how you tried to get everyone to take you there! You are too funny!

Are you out for summer break already?

Jennifer Paganelli said...

I finally got here I have to fix your link....I loved seeing you and Riley..hugs for you both...xoxox Jennifer