Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Full of Excitement

Okay guys I'm ready to begin my big trip to my old stomping grounds. I started this journal page and another for the trip. And there is a GIVE AWAY. Post me a message for this entry and I'll pick a name (fairly) and send you a special present just from San Francisco. So don't delay. I'm going to go to some really snazzy stores. Winner will be announced Monday when I return.

Yesterday was finally a day I love- a mail bonanza. I got 1000 Journals(Love it), the new book by LK Ludwig that looks so good I may actually carry it to SF (and back) , the new CPS, and a book from ArtsyMama which I am not looking at until I get back so I have something to look forward to but I had to have a peek and it looks good. Kari even sent some small sweet things and a swatch of great wall paper that I used as my suitcase on this journal page. I set the suitcase up to be a secret pocket. (shhh)

I kind of botched up my face on my drawing so it looks like  I am sad to be going, but gang that is far from the truth. I better get going though. Have to pick up the Riley first. Cross your fingers he gets a job while I am gone.

So don't forget to enter the giveaway. Looking forward to seeing your name in the posts.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Full of Friday

Wow, it's almost been a week since I updated my blog and  I have no good excuses  like running around the world in a kayak or painting my house. A quiet week at home. Started my doll project, painted some pages in my 365 day journals and played around with some new stamps I got from Catherine Moore. I love her images. 
These cool plants  are from my friend Jill's house in Seattle. I just am crazy about them. She says they even blossom as flowers. 
Getting ready for my trip to San Francisco. I can't wait, Hope my jasmine is still outside my old house in Berkeley so I can grab a bunch. The smell is divine. Should have some good pictures when I  return. 
I'll probably show some doll progress (ha) before I go.
Have  a great weekend and let me know if you have stopped by.
Toodle lou.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Full of Crush

Oh boy rather oh Jamie I have a crush on you. Today I was watching Jamie Oliver on the tele. He was in his garden and I have to say I now have a deep crush on him. The accent (poosta) , the phrases, the recipes, the way he cooks, the countryside. He had me after he mashed up the peas and mint, put it on some yummy toast and then, then the icing on the cupcake: he broke up a piece of fresh mozzarella with his bare hands and put the torn pieces of cheese on top of the bread and pea, broad bean mash. Fresh mozzarella is my claim to weakness. Last summer I went to Massachusetts to learn how to make my own(but it wasn't quite the same as the kind Jamie had). I am head over heels. I have figured out the only way to meet the guy is to send Riley to his BB cooking school.  Riley would fit in well and maybe put in a good word or two for me. Oh and to top it off one of his daughter's is named Daisy. I love that name.
So that's about the excitement here.
Yeah someone get me involved in a project quick before I am sending mozzarella ATC cards to my crush-a -baby.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fill ups can be tough

This is my double self portrait done with photoshop, paint, and collage. 
It's a quiet first week of vacation. I did have  a play date yesterday with Dana and Lisa by the pool. We had a good time joking around and trying to beat the heat. We have plans for more playing and a day trip to myrtle beach to check out anthropologie. I didn't know we had one only two hours away. What a treat. 

Finally found Sew Somerset and bought it. I love Roxanne P's work. (and Kristin S. of course). Hope to take out my sewing machine and get something started. I'll let you know.
Hope everyone's well and happy.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Apron Tales

Okay here's the apron of my dreams without any pockets. So where is a gal to add pockets to this beauty? What's an apron without pockets?
How did you find such a beautiful apron you ask? Ah well let me tell you...
I was on my way to Art Unraveled in AZ on the shuttle van when I spotted this cool looking store out of no where called Paris Envy. OOh I knew I had to get there. As soon as I arrived at the hotel I started asking people if they had heard of Paris Envy and even people from Phoenix thought I was nuts (Meaning no they hadn't heard of it nor did they care to find out more). Finally someone knew where it was and I spent 4 days begging people and whining about how I just had to get there. Kelly said she would try to give me a ride there, but she got too busy with classes so I was on my own to find a way to get there. Sad thing is I never did, BUT the last day of class was a class with Kelly K. In walks Roben-Marie with the cutest apron. I asked her right away where she got it and guess where? Yup Paris Envy. She had gone there the day before(A day I might mention I had no classes to attend) so I called  the store to order a different patterned one(hers was the last one of it's pattern) and it arrived to SC in the mail. I love it, except you know what...
And here's the book I made in Kelly's class named after my week long obsession.

This cute apron I also got at Art Unraveled at the vendor show for $2.50 and it even has pockets. One shown and one secret one inside. 

And this here is my standard ugly brown apron I wear for domestic duties at home. It has a roomy pocket.

I still have two other aprons to show you. You may think  I have a thing for aprons, but not really. I didn't even peek at the 25 Cool Aprons book at the store. I guess I should.
Well I think it might be time to wash the aprons. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In View

Hey, don't I look adorable? This portrait of me was done by a second grader. I love it. He even captured the drab orange/brown apron I wear everyday with my ID badge clipped to the pocket. (More about aprons later...)
Packing up the old classroom. What a chore. Imagine an art teacher (umm an art teacher that can't throw much away) having to move out of a classroom or studio.  That's what I am up against and racing to finish. Tomorrow is my hopefull deadline and then hello summer. It's been hot here and 95 degrees  tomorrow. 

Art news? hmmm... Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Sew Somerset. It is probably at your local places but not mine. I'm betting it has to be there now. I think sewing must be one of my favorites. I love fabrics and how sewing on anything can just make it so sew much more. Confession: I am a fabric hoarder. A terrible habit I am trying to break. 
About aprons. I have a beautiful one without any pockets. Why on earth would an apron be made without pockets. That's my challenge. Adding pockets to the apron that don't ruin the look. It's tiered and ruffled. If  you want to see a picture of it let me know. 
Okay time to say good-bye. Thanks for visiting.