Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Half Way t\here

Here is a picture of one of my girl's that I like to draw as doll. (Idea from Katie K. class. She is a dear) I was thinking of doing a whole series but I think I will be lucky if I get the two made I plan to give to my friend Joy for her birthday. (shhh it's a surprise) I want to make her one of me and one of her. This one kind of looks like me, but I couldn't give it up so I'll have to try a new one. I'll post them when I'm done, but I wouldn't be waiting around my blog hoping for a glimpse anytime soon. It could take awhile. Poor Lorraine, it took me three years to get the rug hook purse finished for her. 
I mean well and have great ideas, but the execution isn't as strong as the vision.
Nothing too eventful at school. I asked a third grader where his teacher had been (absent for a week) and he said, "I think she's on a cruise, but she's not married so I don't think she could be on a cruise. Maybe she is sick."  Oh, she was on a cruise.

No Paris for moi this summer. I do get to go to SF for a short week. I can not wait. See my old digs, eat well, shop well, see friends. It shall be great. 
Okay time to say good-bye. 
Thanks for visiting.

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pixelsattva said...

Hey, Taylor!

Ella and I are enjoying catching up on your blog. Like the portraits a lot and the doll. Here's a link to a good friend who just visited and does very cool stuff with dolls for grownups.


Dave & Ella