Friday, May 30, 2008

A few drops more

Here's a page from my 365 day journal. I was doing so well until about March 25 working on a page a day in my journal and then it went by the wayside, but I am hoping to rekindle my commitment once school is over next week. It's just like flossing and going to the gym for me. Miss it one day and  it's hard to get back into it. Remind me  that it's a good thing.

I need good book recommendations. I have been reading, but haven't found anything wonderful to read lately. Please Please I need to read a good book.

I wish there was a way I could doodle stuff on the margins of this layout. All this space just cries out for doodles and little drawings. I hope I  don't start drawing them on my screen. It would be cool to have a blog set up with a Wacom attached. I bet it's a reality but not in this house.
Have a great weekend if I don't stop back before Sunday.


Barb said...

Hi Taylor,

This is funny. Your pictures look kind of like Roz Chast. Remember when we went to see her speak forever ago?

Have a good summer, and hope we see you in SF.


Sweet Petunia said...

Got my lovely prize and Lauren also thought it was so beautiful! Thanks...I love your blog. Here is a book that was recomended - Three Cups of Tea (One Man's Mission to PRomote Peace...One School at a Time) - NY Times Bestseller...I have not red it, but I might try and squeeze it in. Typically I am reading all the art books.

Sweet Petunia said... it...not red it:)