Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dry Day

Hey all,
Thanks for visiting me here at the blog. That's me with my favorite animal when I was young. I was obsessed with rabbits- no really, it was unreal. Every Easter I would hope for a real rabbit in the basket, but nope only chocolate ones. I wrote composition books full of rabbit family stories. I wish I still had them. I can still visualize one of these books. Now I just like these old fashion rabbit images with the big ears. I think it's the hares I like. 

Today was a pretty quiet day. Not a lot accomplished, but still not a lot lost. I made some very gooey brownies. I love when they are goopy and drippy. 

And now what you have all been waiting for... the drawing for the give away. Here's the prize:

Its a magnet copy of an art collage I made at an Anne Bagby class in Tennessee. The colors are actually much more muted but I didn't think the image would show up as well as light as it is, so I saturated the color. Actually it was Anne who got me to really try drawing people. It wasn't a drawing class, but we needed some images and I wanted to make the project my own so I drew these two girls that are still my favorite. I'll show you them some day. Thanks Anne for getting me started. I still think my people look a bit silly, but that's why I like them. They are just so fun.
Oops, I think I got off track. 
The winner of the two entries was Sweet Petunia- who I might mention had a birthday on Friday. Happy Birthday Limey. Hope you had a great one. Your gift will be in the mail this week. Thanks for playing. And remember all the rest of you, you gotta play to win.


Sweet Petunia said...

Yahoo...I have never won a blog give away so this is my first. Love it! The Wallpaper person from Anahata's class is great! So exciting to see some of your work. Have a great day!

edina said...

Just dropping by to say hello - Lisa told me about your new blog - looks great! :)

Kelly Kilmer said...

What a cutie!

So, was your best friend growing up named "Harvey"?

Shari said...

Congratulations on your new blog, Taylor! Love the hare, by the way!! Hugs, Shari

Anonymous said...

i too was obsessed with a small furry animal as a child. i cried when my youngest brother was born because i was convinced he would be a duck.